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    Multiple instance of application up side by side

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      I have been told that if the user brings up two instances of the application and they bring up record in a one instance an another record is brought up in the other instance that some how the information from one instance will move to the other instance and the original data in the other instance will disappear.


      I have not heard of this happening in Cold Fusion.


      Has anyone heard of something like this?




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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          It's not restricted to ColdFusion.  It's a general thing with session variables and modern browswers and it's happened to us.


          What happens is that when you start a session, and then open a new tab or new browser window (has to be the same type of browser), the new instance will inherit the session from the first one.  Then both instances have the same session variables to use, and possibly change the values.


          Therefore, store as little information in the session scope as you can.  Authentication is fine.  Anything else is risky.