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    XMLConnector problem

    DanelKirch Level 1
      Hi again :P

      im using XML connector in my project for listing some data from php/xml file.
      The thing is that i want to use a simpler way to configurate my project (im gonna publish the project for dowload) and instead of going into the fla file, to change the XMLconnector URL i need my project to scan a textfile for variables.

      now, i tested a lot of way, but cant seem to get over the problem. so, how do i give XML connector a URL in the AS2.0 instead of giving it in the parameters tab ?

      i tried mostly this way without any results:
      feed. load(list_address);

      and its defined in the textfile
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          DanelKirch Level 1
          here is the code im trying to get in work

          loadVariables("listing_ad.conf", this);
          this.feed.URL = "listing_ad";

          and if i test my movie with this code i get this:
          Error opening URL 'file:///F|/www/NMSos01/'

          its not the file i want to access its the URL where XMLconnector (feed) gets all the data from.
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            DanelKirch Level 1
            problem again :((((

            im going with this code in actions layer
            this.feed.URL = "listing_ad";
            loadVariablesNum("list_ad.conf", this);

            and my textfile (list_ad.conf) contains this

            Now the problem is that i get this error in testing my movie
            Error opening URL 'file:///F|/www/NMSos01/listing_ad'
            AND i discovered in FF a open tab with adress to this text file.

            Anyone have any ideas ? it could help out alot.