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    The mobile and tv profiles are not supported


      Some how from the Adobe Air site I had the impression that Adobe was focussed on HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript for the mobile market.  I have a simple HTML5/CSS/JS code that only needs 2 Flash objects to play an .flv and another to play a simple .swf annimation.  I wonder if I can package that code with the Air SDK to reach the mobile market and desktops?


      But then I read the subject disclaimer in the fine print of this doc.  Creating your first HTML-based AIR application with the AIR SDK


      So will my code that uses HTML5/CSS/JS and 2 swf's built with Flash Pro 8 work with the AIR SDK to reach ios and Android devices??


      If not can I put the code inside of another adobe tool to package it for mobiles and deskstops?  What tool(s)?


      Oh, I do need to record some voice, too.


      Many thanks!