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    Sequence presets are missing after "Creative Cloud" activation of CS6

    GreenMartian Level 1

      I recently downloaded a trial version of CS6 (I had CS4). While in the trial period PrPro CS6 had a plethora of options to choose from in the "sequence presets" including several XDCAM HD options which I needed as I shoot my video in that format.


      Everything worked okay with my imported video. I imported several clips into sequences setup as XDCAM HD 1920x1080/23.97P with no problems. All was good for a couple of days until I bought a "Creative Cloud" account. After activation, many choices in the sequence setup window are mysteriously missing. I download all of the updates in an attempt to fix; that didn't help.


      Now I can't import any of my XDCAM HD videos or open any of the several projects I created while running the trial of CS6.


      The picture below shows the sequence presets that I have available now.  Help.


      Sincerely, Joe


      CS6 "Creative Cloud"

      Windows 7 x64




      Sequence window.jpg