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    Animation Preset - Autoscroll - horizontal


      Dear whom it may concern,



      I use animation preset - Autoscroll Horizontal to a graphic background in my After Effects composition.



      I actually have the 2 backgrounds that run in opposite directions by using the Autoscroll.



      It took me a while to figure out how to turn direction. This is done with the function speed by setting it to minus. It is now set to -230.



      Well, it all works really well in my compositions window and when I run a RAM preview I see no problems at all. But as soon as I have rendered the film and plays it turns out that a background has stopped scrolling.



      The background that stops, is the one who has speed set to minus. It stops in the middle of the movie. But only when I renderer film, not the preview. My film is 3 min. long and the background stops about 2 minutes. with scrolling.



      Is there anyone who can see if I've missed something, or that can guide me in the right direction.



      Many friendly greetings Jonas - CS5