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    Encore CS6 missing Library files

    John CS6

      Hello all freaks.


      I have in recent years been CS5 Production Premium installed and then decided yesterday to upgrade to CS6. I bought, downloaded and installed the Production Premium. I installed also package Adobe Premier Pro CS6 additional ReadMe files plus content (menus, buttons and backgrounds) for Adobe Encore CS6.


      In Encore CS6 it created the groups Corporate, Entertainment, General, Technology, Travel and Wedding, but there appear no menus, buttons or backgrounds when clicked.


      I've looked in the respective folders under Adobe Encore CS6/Library/, but they contain no psd files, only two m2vloc files of about 10-20 kb each.


      When I browse the corresponding folders in my old CS5, there is a large amount of psd files with menus, buttons and backgrounds in these folders, but not in my CS6 installation.

      I hope someone can help me with a solution so I can move on.


      Thank you in advance.







      NB: Although it looks so, I'm not new in the forum, but have been here for the last 10 years. However, Adobe's staff has (at my request) deleted my original profile, as it constantly showed my e-mail address instead of my username/nickname. It did so today again, so I have once again created a new temporary profile until Adobe gets solved the problem.