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    A few questions about Premiere CS 6- I come from FCP 7

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      I have a few questions about a few things in Premiere Pro CS 6. I come from FCP 7.


      1) When I export a still from my Video in the Source Window, How can I get it to export as a .psd file instead of a .png? .psd is not listed on the drop down box when I go to make the still.


      2) I am working in 16:9 and when I export the still, do some work on it in Photoshop, save it and bring it back into Premiere Pro CS 6, it's not Widescreen anymore. How can I change ot bacl to a widescreen still to put it back on my timeline?


      3) I have about 5 minutes of clips on a timeline and I want to put crossfades between all the clips at once instead of going to each clip and putting them on one-by-one. Is this possible? If so, How?


      4) On my timeline I want to put a Title that I made in LIveType over a Video Clip. I made the title and rendered it out with the Alpha Channel so I can see it over video. I make my In and Out points in the Source window in Premiere Pro CS6 and drop ito on V2 over a Video that is on V1. I left enough Handles on the title so I can put a crossfade on the title so it fades in. It will not let me put a Crossfade that is Centered on the Cut of the title. Why? It only lets me put it at "Start of Clip." I want to "Center on Clip" of title to match the center of the Video Clip on Track V1.


      5) I put a song down on Audio 1 and I cut off the song in the Middle somewhere. I want to put a Crossfsde at the Center at the end of the song so it fades out with the video on track V1. Again the Audio dissolve will only let me "End at Clip.". Why? I want to be able to center on the Music clip.



      6) How can I make a still come into Premiere Pro for more than 5 seconds? Is there a way to change the still settings?


      Thanks in Advance. I appreciate all the help you are giving me.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          1. When you export, you're given a lost of format options.  PSD is not one of them.


          2. Right click on the imported still and choose Modify>Interpret Footage...  Set it appropriately.


          3. Select the range of clips.  Go to Sequence>Apply Default Transition to Selection.


          4. You didn't mention a clip next to the title on V2, so I assume there is none.  You can't 'center' a transition unless two clips are adjacent.  For titles above clips, just extend the clip and add the transition to the start and end of the title.


          5. Same as 4.  Extend the clip and add the transition to the end of it.


          6. This setting is under Edit>Preferences>General>Still Image Default Duration.  However, it's easier just to drag out the end of the still in the sequence.