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    MIDI events and Director 12

    Omar B.

      What about to control MIDI events in Director 12? Any alternative to older SequenceXtra? It's a very importan issue to develope musical apps for music recording, editing, music research or music education in several fields. Anybody is working on it?

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          Looking for the same!

          Here just my latest thinking. Not sure if any of them would work (well).

          • I had a look at the last version of SequenceXtra, but as we can't get Xtras into D12 (for publish to iOS/iPAD) yet it might not be an option.
          • I also wonder if it is possible to use embeded FLASH to do all the MIDI / Audio processing e.g.using tonfall.
          • Another alternative I am thinking of is using just the sound channels and wav files to create a sequencer type play engine, but I am not sure how well that will run. It would be great to find out if there have been improvements in D12 in the audio engine and what latency we have to deal with
          • Using javascript somehow might be another way. CreateJS and Web Audio API look great. How we could access these through D12?
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            tonytamb Level 1

            just to note that I am delighted to hear that there was a Director 12 update at the beginnig of the month (which I only just noticed)!


            but I am still trying to find a solution to my missing xtra support or audio/midi problem. any new ideas ?