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    Photoshop crashes due to fonts removed

    screenprinterladie Level 1

      Photoshop crashes when Fonts are turned off in Bitstream. What one is it? Does anyone know? The fonts are slowing my computer down in Corel. I tried to turn off all my fonts and start over. I have a basic system folder I use to turn on only the ones I need. This speeds up my Corel but then when I went to open Photoshop, the program crashes and won't open. When I went to a restore point, the photoshop programs opens, of course, all 800 fonts are loaded slowing down my Corel again. I took them out again, carefully leaving what I thought to basic fonts the program may be calling for. But I did not get the right one. I have been turning off and turning on back and forth to get it to work. Only when I load the all again, does it work. As soon as I remove them, its back to not working!!! It has to be a linked font  The question is WHICH FONT DOES IT NEED! HELP!  Can anyone spare some light!