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    72 or 96 pixels/inch

    parker lambert Level 1

      When starting a new FW CS6 document for a graphic intended to go on a website (via Dreamweaver). The default pixels/inch is 72. These days, shouldn't it be 96? My plan is to make the graphic exactly the size I want it when I place it in the website-- no futzing around with size in Dreamweaver. Thanks!

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          groove25 Level 4

          The pixel density (PPI) is pretty much irrelevant in Fireworks and on the web. It's the total # of pixels that matters (a.k.a. the dimensions of the canvas). The final size on screen will be determined by the pixel dimensions of the graphic divided by the pixel density of the monitor.

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            parker lambert Level 1

            Thanks for your response. Would it be a good idea to try to match the pixel density of the graphic with the pixel density of the monitor on which the graphic is likely to be viewed? If so, what would be the most common monitor density?

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              groove25 Level 4

              No, that's actually not a good idea, and not really possible or relevant. Regardless of the PPI setting in Fireworks, your monitor/display will show you the pixels of a graphic at a 1:1 ratio. Any attempt at mimicking another pixel density would involve interpolation (à la zoom).

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                parker lambert Level 1

                THanks-- The thing is, FW CS6 does assign 72 ppi as a default (at least my version), so why does it do that? I mean, it must make some kind of difference what it's set at (right?) or they wouldn't bother to provide the setting. My question is, what difference does it make? And, as long as there is a setting, is 96 a better choice?

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  There's nothing wrong with 96ppi; it's just not going to have an effect on screen-based output.


                  Pixel density (PPI) is relevant for print. Perhaps it was included to accommodate graphics that were originally created for print, or for graphics destined for print. However, Fireworks really isn't set up for print-based work, so it's seldom needed. It does provide another way for modifying pixel dimensions, though; for example, if your original graphic is 72ppi, changing its print resolution to 144ppi will double its size (assuming the "Resample image" option is checked).