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    Opening a .exe within a .exe

      Hi all,

      So basically I'm having trouble with a little project I am doing and I'm new to Director so after searching through Google I couldn't find a solution so I turn to here!

      Anyway I have an executable which I made in Director (lets call it menu.exe) and it has a button (button1) which i want to be able to click, and for it to load another .exe (submenu.exe) bt in THE SAME WINDOW. I have got it working so that it opens in a new window using ;

      on mouseUp me
      open(_movie.path & "C:\Documents and Settings\Gamester\Desktop\Main Menu\submenu.exe")

      but as I said, I don't know how to get it to open in the same window. (so that, basically, the submenu.exe opens on top of the menu.exe when button1 is clicked.)


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          You can not open another exe in the same window. You can open the 2nd
          exe then close the 1st, and if they pop up in the same location, then it
          would appear like it is the same window.

          The "Director way" o fdoing this would be to make only one exe file.
          That would be the launcher. The 2nd movie would be saved as a .dcr or
          .dxr. Instead of opening the 2nd exe, you would load in the 2nd movie
          which would recycle the same window. The code would look like this:

          on mouseUp me
          open(_movie.path & "submenu")

          That assumes that the "submenu.dir" or "submenu.dcr" or "submenu.dxr" is
          in the same folder as the 1st exe. By not specifying a file extension,
          Director will automatically cycle through those 3 that I listed...
          therefore, you can use your .dir source file while authoring, and it wil
          use the compiled version from a projector. Handy.