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    Indesign CS6 crashing all the time when Placing an image


      Repost from Installation forum.

      Indesign from Design Standard CS6 installed about 2 months ago on a Dell Precision Laptop with 4 Gb Ram Windows XP SP03.  No other programs are running.  I open Indesign and create a document 4.8" high x 4.7" wide.  I insert an object box then place a image that I want to use as a background.  I attempt to select the image to fit it proportionally in the box and Indesign crashes...every time.  So far I've tried searching the knowledge base, a repair, reset all my preferences, created a completely new document, cleared my recovery files, error checking on my HD...and...cursed and thrown my hands in the air.  Nothing helps!!  The program worked 2 days ago when I just had to create a 2 page document with mostly text...now I can't get past this beginning point and I have to have this ad completed by first thing Monday morning.  I can't contact Adobe because they don't do weekends...even though they charge premium prices for the software...so I need some help please.  Any ideas on what to do?