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    sound disappears when playing dvd


      I have just created a DVD which in the main consists of one person talking. For some reason the sound stops after about 30 minutes while he is speaking. Silence reigns until the end of the video. I have played it again

      and the problem reoccurred at the same point.

      Thinking I had deleted the audio track at that point I looked at the timeline but the audio track is still there and the sound line remains at the same height

      before and after the point where the sound disappears.

      I am using Pr E 10.

      Peculiar? or am I being an idiot?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are a couple of things that we might look into.


          Back on the Timeline:


          1. Is this Audio from the Video, i.e. the Source Footage with combined Audio and Video, or Multiplexed, or is the Audio from another source, such as a separate recorder?
          2. At about the point that the Audio disappears on that DVD-Video, is there any change in the Audio Clips, such as a Cut, or perhaps a different Clip?
          3. At about that point on the Timeline, do you see the Volume "rubberband," the yellow line that runs through the Audio Clip, and is it at the same point, as the preceding Volume lines?
          4. When you play that area of the Timeline, with the Audio Mixer open, do the Levels at that point equal the level as the preceding Clips?
          5. If the Levels change at about that point, watch the Sliders in the Audio Mixer. Do they move?


          When doing the Burn to Disc, what brand of blank media are you using?


          Good luck,



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            foxdown88 Level 1

            Thanks Bill for your advice.

            However I still have the problem.

            The answers  to your questions are

            1  yes combined audio plus video

            2 no change - it occurs in the middle of a clip

            3 the volume rubberband is a straight constant line

            4 yes

            5 n/a


            I subsequently reduced the work area bar to about 5 minutes spanning the problem point and chose the share -  computer - mpeg option and it worked ok. ie on playback on my computer I had the audio throughout.

            I then repeated the share - burn dvd and the audio stopped on my DVD player at a point about two minutes before the last time; again in the middle of a clip ( different clip from the last one).

            Very puzzling?

            The blank media are Fuji  +R.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Very puzzling?

              I agree.


              We've looked at most of "the usual suspects," and that with the shortened Timeline, the DVD's Audio still stops, and at a point before where it did before increases the puzzlement.


              I do not know the Fuji blank media, so cannot comment on its quality. Sony blank media gets good reviews, just below Falcon Pro, Verbatim and Taiyo-Yuden, but I have not seen anything on the Fuji brand. Might be very good, or maybe not?


              One little test would be to download and install ImgBurn, which is free, then do a Burn to Folder for that shortened Timeline - the one that still looses Audio, but in a different place. You will get a VIDEO_TS folder with IFO, BUP and VOB files inside of that.


              1. Play that VIDEO_TS folder in a DVD software player. If you do not have one, I recommend the free MediaPlayer Classic HC. Check the Audio from that VIDEO_TS folder.
              2. If it plays completely, then set up ImgBurn to do the physical burn to disc. Before you do the Burn, let ImgBurn "look at" your blank media. In a little window near the bottom of your ImgBurn GUI, you will see what it finds out about your Fuji blank media. Who is listed as the mfgr. of that blank media?
              3. Then, once you have made note of that info, let ImgBurn do the physical Burn to Disc, and in ImgBurn, drop the Burn Speed down to about 2x - 4x, so below the max Burn Speed. Personally, at this stage in testing my DVD-Videos, I burn to a DVD RW (Rewritable), for additional testing on my computer, and on several different DVD and BD players. If those tests go well, I then Burn to Disc, using Falcon Pro, Verbatim, or Taiyo-Yuden blank media for delivery. Using an RW disc for the physical testing (never for delivery), saves making "coasters."


              The reason for looking at that Fuji blank media is that with many discs, the name on the disc, say Memorex, TDK, etc., is NOT really who the mfgr. was - they rebrand the cheapest media available that day, so there might well be 3-4 different discs, in a single spindle. Just not sure about Fuji.


              Good luck, and please let us know how the test goes:

              • Does the VIDEO_TS folder have Audio all the way through?
              • Does the ImgBurn disc have Audio all the way through?