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    Unable to get software to burn a disc


      I am really frustrated - this software was a present from my son, as I decided to try the new Premiere as I'd has such good luck with Adobe Premiere 6.1 in the past.  This software has been nothing but problems.  After many horus watching jittery, skipping video, and only using a few of the limited transitions so the render would be minimal - as the software program is a pig on memory - I finally tried to burn a DVD.  I set up the menus and kept getting to 99% and then it would kick the disk out - blank.  After several more days and attempts - as each compilation session was taking about 8 hours for a 50 minute video - and after having to enter and then leave the output menu several times before I could even access the disk image functionality - wants to gray it out so it's not available - I finally was able to burn - what I thought would be a ISO.  But instead I got a Video_TS folder with VOB, IFO and BUP files.  Why - ??? I don't know???? Apparently the designers figure everyone is running a MAC.  Yet this software was supposed to be for PC.  So now I will need to get another converter to see if I can transfer this file to a disc image.


      At this point I don't even care if there is a solution - I've had enough of trying to use this software.  I am very dissapointed too as like I said - Premiere 6.0 was amazing - far superior to this software but wasn't very good with DVD burn capability back in the day.

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          PrE can only Burn to Disc, or Burn to Folder, which is what you got with the VIDEO_TS folder, and necessary files. It is not able to directly Burn an Image, or ISO, like Adobe Encore can. The VIDEO_TS folder, with the IFO, BUP and VOB files, is the format that needs to be written to a DVD-Video.


          If you need an ISO for some reason, then you can convert that VIDEO_TS folder to an ISO/Image, with the great, free burning utility, ImgBurn.


          Now, from that VIDEO_TS folder, can you play it in a DVD-Video software player? If you do not have one, I really like the free MediaPlayer Classic HC, though probably use my commercial CyberLink PowerDVD more often.


          For other potential problems, like hanging at 99%, can you furnish us with the full specs. of you computer, as that would a good starting point?


          Good luck,