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    Searching for a URL in a form field!


      I need help searching one of my form fields for any URL’s that are being passed to my list.


      In the form field I am receiving content that looks like the following:


      nhiccdppqfstupxo, <a href="http://.com/">abc</a>, [url=http://.com/]abc[/url], abc, http://.com/ abc, abc bz.


      I need to use a RE function to check the form field for “http” and if it’s there abort the script so that it doesn’t send out to my list.


      The problem I am having is that when I use CF functions I receive an error because of the quotes that are in the form field. 


      Anyone have any ideas as to how I can test for URL’s in a form field?


      Thanks for any help that you can offer!