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    I just want my money back


      Aside from the horrible crashing issues, Premiere Elements has been pretty good to me over the years (using 7-9). When I purchased 11 in December however, I was surprised to see that the interface I loved had changed dramatically. Everything has been dumbed down, even in Expert mode. It's just really annoying. I have had it for a little over two months now and I've used it maybe 4 times. I spent that time trying to figure it out. It doesn't fit my work flow and honestly, for me, it's unusable. I didn't even think of refund as an option until now but unfortunately, there is a 30 day limit. Is there anyway around that? I don't have money to throw around and I feel like I've wasted 100$ on this program that is just sitting here not being used. Is there something I can do? Please help.