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    Problems getting my open source mac Bosto tablet driver to work




      I own an excellent Bosto 19mb tablet, which is a cintiq clone (but much cheaper) which alas only works for pc. You can see it here: http://bosto-tablet.com/


      However, I'm a good mac/iOS developer so I've written an open source driver for it. Source is here: https://github.com/georgeappwizards/BostoTabletDriverMac


      It works really swetly with all but 2 applications:

      Corel painter 12 and

      Photoshop Cs5.1


      I'm downloading a trial of CS6 as I write this but I imagine it will have the same problem.


      I have the bosto tablet monitor and my wacom tablet both plugged into my system (driver conflicts don't exist on mac). I also pretty well understand all the HID events etc, needed to make the driver work.


      I'm generating identical events to my wacom tablet, which is why I can't for the life of me figure out why i have problems with photoshop.


      The problems are as follows:

      Photoshop CS5.1

      Holding the pen down and drawing does not draw a line, it will draw a dot, or a straight line from the point where the pen touched the tablet, to an approximation (looks like a mean) of the end point,

      In photoshop, in the brush dynamic settings, I get the "pressure not supported" icon.

      When my wacom pen generates an "enter" proximity event [that is, when I put it near the wacom tablet], the triangle dissapears,

      When my bosto pen (for which I'm writing the driver) enters [that is, when I put it near the bosto screen], the triangle appears again.


      These are my questions:

      How on earth does wacom get photoshop to treat it as a pressure sensitive device?

      Is photoshop listening to different events, or are there undocumented transactions going on which allow the wacom tablet to work, but cause my one to draw dots or straight lines?

      Where can i go to for support on this issue? I'm an indie developer doing this as open source out totally for free to help others in the community use this wonderful monitor/tablet on their macs.


      Does anyone here have any advice?





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          Sounds like you've missed something (or more than a few things) in the tablet events.

          Photoshop is just listening to the tablet and mouse movement events.


          You're describing a failure to implement Apple's tablet APIs correctly, so you would probably go to Apple for support.

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            Thanks Chris, just knowing that photoshop isn't doing anything special is a great help; but do you know what kind of events it listens to? There are two types of event systems in cocoa. I'm using IOSHidEvents, and as far as I can tell from extensive debugging ALL of my NSEvents for enter, exit, mouse down, move, etc are IDENTICAL to the Wacom tablet's events (except for vendorId and other hardware specific ids).


            I debugged them laboriously using wacom sample applications, which they make available to their developers.


            So I will contact apple too; but seeing as that is lengthy and expensive (it will use one of my support calls to do), it'd be a tremendous help to be sure that you guys are not doing anything funky outside of listening to NSEvents for:


            Mouse Down,

            Mouse Up,

            Mouse Move.


            Seeing as certain versions of wacoms drivers and many other vendors drivers exhibt the same error I have described here (internet is littered with wacom and other tablet owners complaining about exactly the same issues); I'd imagine that the subject of my oversight must be familiar to someone in the photoshop engineering team, or in some driver engineering team somewhere. If you can't afford me any more information, do you think you can suggest other channels I might pursue to resolve this?


            Thanks for all your help,

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              We listen for:











              Don't forget the tablet related event subtypes NSTabletPointEventSubtype, NSTabletProximitEventSubtype (and NSMouseEventSubtype, which would turn off pressure data since it comes from a mouse).

              And remember to set the capability masks correctly.

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                Extremely generous of you. Thanks ever so much. Unfortunately I'm doing all of that (my capabilities mask is identical to wacoms). I'll debug all of my wacom events and see if there is something I have missed.


                If not, I'll get onto Apple.


                Thanks again, I'll make that info available on my wiki too, so other open source dev's have it from the horses mouth that there's no secret sauce involved; we're all just doing something slightly wrong.


                All the best,



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                  Hi George


                  Thank you - your work on a mac tablet driver for Bosto Kingtee pen displays is truly good news!


                  I am sharing this post with Bosto team members in the Russian Federation and China, and also with other interested developers so expect a reply soon.


                  Find me at Bosto Southern Africa: http://www.bosto.co


                  Thanks for supporting the Bosto community!



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                    Congratulations George on your first release (0.4) yesterday!


                    This is BIG news for the growing Bosto user community - thank you from all of us!


                    I'm updating your source link here (the link in your post is broken):




                    Keep up the great work; this is truly appreciated.