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    Warp Stabilizer - PP or Ae?


      I have always been wondering if all CS6 products share the same render engine.

      To be more specific, will I obtain the same results if I use Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro and AE?


      I am about to render a short r3d 4K media, and I would like to achieve the best possible results with Warp.

      Therefore I have been trying to choose between AE or Premiere, asking myself if there will be any visible difference between the two outcomes.


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          It's the same. In Premiere Pro, one small part of the process is accelerated by the GPU (but not the part that takes the most time, so it doesn't make much difference).


          Use whichever application you're most comfortable with.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Warp stabilizing depends on the clip more than on the app used. It's a good tool for some shots but it's not a cure all and the more movement in the shot, the more warping is required, the more the shot will deteriorate.


            As far as I know Warp Stabilizer in PPro is identical to WS in AE on the back end. I usually use AE's Render Cue to render to production codecs because I know the controls and it seems to work a little more efficiently for some tasks but PPro has the another pipeline to render and uses AME to build the render. AE also can use AME but I'm not sure what would give you the best results.


            Stabilizing a shot is usually the least of the treatments I put on my work. Color grading is the most important visual part of any of my projects after composition and blocking. I think you're worrying too much about this. Both should work just fine.

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              Matt Dubuque Level 1

              I'd mention that for certain types of shots Mark Chrisiansen states that the AE point tracker (as well as the Mocha AE planar tracker) may each produce better stabilization results than the Warp Stabilizer in CS6, especially if you want to have the image stabilized around a certain point or area, rather than leave those decisions to an automated process.

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                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                See this Chris Meyer tutorial on how to stabilise a footage around a certain point or area with Warp Stabilizer.