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    Help getting my characters bullets to stop enemy's and other stuff?


      Hey guys im working on my first game for flash and I was wondering if I could get some help with it. Right now I have a character that can fly across the screen and shoot lasers, but I cant make it so that when the bullet hits the enemy they both dissapear. Also I have some bugs such as when the first wave of enemys come across the screen all of them come very fast and right next to each other even thought they are supposed to come slow and then after the first wave it works fine. One more thing is that when the scene for shooting the enemys is over the game still allows you to shoot and it shows up in the left uphand corner of the screen.


      Im using as2 and I would really appriciate it if you guys could help out. Thanks!!


      Here is the link for the .fla file




      P.S. I think the problem I have with the game making the first wave of enemys come very fast is due to one of the global variables that im using. Just thought that that might help someone.