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    Why does the latest version of flash player not work even after it says I have successfully download


      Can someone please help me? I have tried to download the latest version several times of flashplayer. It shows that is has downloaded successfully but when I try and watch a video or listen to Pandora music it tells me that I am still missing the plugin?? I am extremely frustrated and I am not alone it seems. The previous version I had worked fine. Why mess with that?? Now I cannot play videos or listen to anything. PLEASE HELP??!! Would love to be able to fix this soon. I use Firefox as my browser. I am on a dell CPU with Windows XP. Like I said the previous version was working wonderfully but all of a sudden I am told that the plugin is not there and to update. Why???? When I check my programs in control panel it shows the program there but anything using video tells me it is not.