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    CS6 "Save for Web" problem.


      Hi. I am trying to save an animated GIF using Photoshop CS6. But when I hit the Save for Web option, a dialog box appears saying, "This operation could not be completed." What should I do?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Save the file as a PSD, quit Photoshop, then re-open and try again.  Do you still see the same problem?


          Look in the application event log for your system to see if an error has been logged there that gives further info.


          If these things don't help narrow things down, please take a screenshot of your session when you see the error, save as a JPEG, and post it here.  Perhaps someone will be able to spot something else wrong.



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            GeekGuy44 Level 1

            Hi, sir. I have tried your suggestion but none of them helped. I'm sorry. Here's a screenshot of my work. After I have imported the video clip I'm about to used for my animated gif.


            But then when I click "Save for Web" option, a dialog box appears.


            I'm a photoshop newbie so please can you help me.