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    How do I parent the Mirror effect to a layer's position?

    Modus21 Level 1

      I'm using the Mirror effect as a shortcut for symmetry. However I noticed the position of the effect does not move when I move the layer itself, so the mirroring gets distorted because the mirror point stays at the same position. Is there a way to parent the position of the Mirror effect to the position of a layer? I noticed the pickwhip doesn't work on effects, so maybe an expression would do? I'm not very experienced with expressions, sorry. Thanks for any help.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a real simple one. Alt/Option click on the stop watch for Mirror > Reflection Center and then drag the expression pickwhip to the position property of the layer you want to use as the target. If the layer's name is 'target' then your expression would look like this:


          My preferred modification to this expression is to simply add a value + statement at the beginning. This gives you the opportunity to also throw in keyframes for both Reflection center and your Target layer. It just gives you more options. To make it work first set Reflection Center position to 0,0


          The modified expression looks like this:


          value + thisComp.layer("target").transform.position
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