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    Security sandbox help

    Xavi Colomer Level 1
      Help please,

      Finally I've discovered why my error with navigateToURL where not working with _self, _parent and _top.

      Aparently is a security problem but I just get errors and errors and I don't know what to fo more.

      first error:
      #2137 - Solved

      second error:
      #2048 - Solved

      last error:
      #2028 - I'm lost

      To solve the errors I've added this line on the html template:

      (<object/>)<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" />


      (<embed/>) allowScriptAccess=""

      I've added the next line to the flex compiler and the result is like that:

      -locale en_US -use-network=false

      Any suggestion???