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    Move project from Windows to Mac problem


      I've just purchased a macbook retina and want to move a unfinished Premiere elements 11 project to the mac to work on it again.


      Ive used the Archive project option and exported my project and movies to an external harddrive.

      When I open the project file in premiere on the mac, it cannot find my AVCHD files but the windows machine shows them correctly from the harddrive. I also cannot browse into the AVCHD folder because the mac reports its 'content' .


      I also tried to move the .mts files to an different named folder but that does not work too.

      Importing the .mts files again in a new project also does not work. It looks like premiere on the mac cannot open the .mts files.


      Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

      Is it possible to move a premiere project from AVCHD files from windows to a Macbook and if yes, what's the correct procedure?


      I don't want to start again all over with my holiday movie or convert the .mts files to a different format.


      Thanks for your help

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          nealeh Level 5

          Sorry but PC and Mac project files are not interchangeable. The best you can do is to export them from your PC project as new source files and load them into a new Mac project. But you won't be able to edit any effects you added in the PC project, they will just be source clips.


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            twdi Level 1

            I'm not sure about that. I just created a new project and only imported .mov files in it.

            I again exported them via the archive manager and the project opens fine on my mac.


            So I think it's only related to the AVCHD files.....

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              twdi Level 1

              I managed to fix this. With help of Adobe live chat, the support employee asked me if I've copied the .mts files out of the AVCHD content folder and relinked them while opening the project.


              I had tested this, but the premiere form got totally white so I expected it went wrong.

              After the chat I retried this and again the form got white but after a few minutes, the timeline etc returned and the project is fine.


              I haven't noticed any problems with the project, so the are interchangeable between Windows And Mac.