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    How to install CODEC

    Mr. Marand

      I use photo shop 6.  I am trying to import music from my I tunes library to a slide show but it tells me my system does not have the required CODEC installed.  What should I do?  Thank you

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          CS6 works with Itunes, the format I tried was m4a, mp3 also works. Try playing the music file in quicktime and or windows media and see if it plays. if it plays then the codec is installed, which it should be anyway, if you can play it in Itunes.

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            kendallplant Adobe Employee

            Hi there! Because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I moved your question to the Photoshop General Discussion forum, where you'll get more specialized help.


            To help others help you, please read through this article and provide any additional relevant details.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What version of iTunes do you have. Initially, iTunes used DRM (Digital Rights Management), and their music was not directly usable by other applications. That was relaxed at a point in the past, and now, with newer versions of iTunes, things are easier, especially if one also has a later version of Apple's QT Player installed on that system.


              In the old days, one would create a Playlist in iTunes, populate that with the necessary iTunes songs, then Burn a CD. From there, one would use an audio-editing program, such as Adobe Audition, or maybe the free Audacity, to rip the CD and Save the songs to something like PCM/WAV (Uncompressed) @ 48KHz 16-bit.


              Also, one BIG consideration is the distribution of the SlideShow. All music (except original performances of original music) is covered by © laws for the region where one lives. Be sure to check those laws, if you are going to do anything but play the SlideShow for your own enjoyment - even then, it might be best to check.


              Because of the © issues, I almost always use Royalty Free Music in all productions, whether personal, or for public display.


              Good luck,