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    tutorial builder player

    judigolm Level 1


      I was able to download the tutorial builder extension and use it in my CS6 Photoshop app but after I hit done Where does the file go?

      I tried to download tutorial builder player and all I got was funny looking code on a web page.

      What am I doing wrong this look like something I could use but I am unable to view my tutorial.

      Thank you

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          Hi judigolm,

          I downloaded the tutorial player as well and got a page of diamond shapes. I did a SAVE AS to my desktop of the PAGE SOURCE and made no changes to the title. I then openned the file in TextWrangler. This is a free app for Macs to make changes to HTML amoungst other things. When it openned in TextWrangler the page content changed. I then did a SAVE AS and deleted all words after "air" in the title. The file was then an com.adobe.air.InstallerPackage. I hope this helps. If you're on Windows I can't help, sorry.


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            judigolm Level 1


            Thank You. I got as far as saving the file in TextWrangler as a .air to my

            desktop but when I double clicked to open it on my desktop it opened in

            AppleScript Editor with more unreadable gibberish. Not sure what I am doing


            Thank you

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              Mira D Adobe Employee

              Hi all,


              Sorry for the long silence.


              To run the Tutorial Player AIR app, you need to install the Adobe AIR runtime. You can get it here.



              The .air file is not editable by a text editor, such as TextWrangler.


              Please let us know if you have any other trouble.