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    SFP-  Is Sony HXR-NX5 Camcorder compatable with CS6 Premiere Pro ?

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      My footage loses quality after importing into to Adobe. I record in1920x1080 30p HD and I set import in Premiere Pro to AVCHD 1920x1080 30p.

      I had shot a live music video a 25 min song and the flash drive bumped to a new clip after 2.5 gig in the middle of a song. I called sony and they told me to import to Sony's content utility manger then bring it to a file. It worked, the the 25 min footage imported as one clip. When I reviewed the footage from the utility import it was great. Then bringing into Premiere Pro it was grainy and washed out compared to the original footge in the Sony content utility manager. Dissapointed to say the least. Is there a cure. Should'nt it be the same Quality? I view the footage at full resalution in Premiere Pro.