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    Stuttering in video - attached videos


      Hello.  I am having a hard time figuring out this stuttering issue - I've searched quite a bit but can't seem to find any great answers.  Here is the link to several videos that all have similar problems:




      Take the most recent one for example - Submission for Film Festival.  It was shot at 1080p 60fps.  I imported it that way, cut it up, colored it, added warp stabilizer, and exported it.  Export settings were:

      -1080p 30fps

      -H.264 set to Vimeo 1080p 30fps

      -Progressive VBR


      -10 Mbps

      -Use maximum render quality

      -Use frame blending

      -The file ended up being 147 mb


      I'm running a new iMac with 20gb ram, their fastest processor and fastest graphics card.  It's about as high-end as iMacs get. 


      Is it possible the Warp Stabilizer is causing this?  After adding the warp stabilizer I can't get a 1/2 resolution playback within CS6 because it's too much info for a smooth playback. 


      This is really frustrating.  Maybe you guys are getting smooth playback of these vids and it is something goofy with my computer?


      Any help will be appreciated.





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          those video samples I looked at actually look pretty good to me for what it is...


          You gotta remember, using DSLR and remote controlled helicopter you got tons of vibration from that helicopter...not only the obvious vibration you see through the lens but also vibration to the chip in your camera via resonant frequency of that prop frequency...


          hard to explain, but I was a prop mechanic for a while when young and at different rpm's the prop actually 'bends' at different lengths from the hub and creates a resonant frequency that gets transmitted to the aircraft.


          anyway, the normal film motion pic solution to most of this vibration problem is using tyler mounts on normal helicopters, or take door off and shoot out using steadicam rigs out the door.. pretty much isolating all vibration from aircraft to camera...


          Really.. considering what you're doing with a remote unit it looks pretty good to me... cause I know it's hard to get really smooth even with big budgets etc...

          When the remote units have the gimbal heads and gyroscopic mounts on them to use your DSLR, it will be waaayy smoother...but that would be a pretty hefty model ( larger than what they use now cause that rig would weigh more than your camera ).


          Add what's going on with the vibration direct to your lens, plus the resonant frequency stuff throughout your whole camera body ( chip and lens )...what you got isnt bad at all...









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            Just to sorta add to this for the fun of it...as it's beer thirty here....


            Al at hoverview in nyc is a regular guy and easy to talk to if you wanna just yap with him about whats up with shooting with helicopters. I'm serious.. he's normal and a nice guy. Won't mind a call to answer questions.

            His son is now flying too ( a newer helicopter than featured on website with nice mount for camera at the nose of chopper, all remote ).

            But anyway, I spoke to a couple people recently in MN. about aerial stuff ( helicopter shots from a lake looking at a 'town' ) for some documentary I'm gonna do...

            I need ( using DSLR ) establishing shots of this town .. soooo, it turns out I can use a remote controlled thing some guy around here has ( like what you used ) ...or I can get a normal helicopter guy to do it with me for about $ 150.00 / hr.. We would take off door and I would use ( yes, crazy but it would work ) surgical tubing to suspend my DSLR at the door threshold. I would rig safety harness for me , tie the camera to aircraft ( just safety lines to camera so it can't fall out and hurt anyone ).. and that would be my poor man's steadicam out the door...

            Just make some phone calls and see what you can do ( the main problem with real helicopters is the FAA limit on altitude over land etc )..


            have fun !



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              Thanks for the response. I'm not so concerned with stability in the actual content of the video (we do use a gyro stabilized gimbal). I'm more worried about stuttering caused from rendering and/or playback.


              Do the render settings I noted look normal to you?


              I think it may be my computer. Playback on my ipad doesn't stutter the same as on my imac (which seems odd to me).


              So you don't get any kind of stuttering during playback? 


              And good luck with the documentary. There are some people getting very good quality shots with rc multicopters and dslrs but they are hard to find. It's a brand new field.





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                It really didnt look bad to me...if I wasn't looking for it I wouldn't have been bothered by the slight stutter now and then..and I can't tell if it's what you uploaded or vimeo and my own bandwidth..it's pretty minor...and intermittent...

                I kinda thought it was okay.. maybe others will add to this ??


                Good going and nice shots you made.. nice pans ( kudos to the 'pilot' ).



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                  maybe try some content like instead of real estate type shots.. chase a car or something...like start low, reveal car on road , chase it and get up kinda close to it..and then let it go out of frame...something like that..where you have 2 motions happening..see what you get ??


                  what you did looks nice though, and good going ...




                  you'd need a few walkie talkies ( rented ? ) or cell phones or whatever to make that happen on time...

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                    I saw some slight, occasional stutter on Vimeo, so I downloaded the original and it most of it seemed to go away.

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                      Thanks for the help Jim. I'll start looking at my computer then.