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    Basic Questions on InDesign- need some help...


      New to Adobe.

      After two years of work, I just introduced a new enhanced interactive iBook for the iPad on robotics. Get To Know Robots

      I built it in word & Apple Author for iBooks.

      I want to release on other tablets.

      What Adobe software/products should I use to build/layout and include DRM? Is InDesign the best?



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          Ellis home Level 4

          Until some of the Indesign Mac users chime in, let me tell you about my experience using Indesign to publish an ebook in Kindle. The learning curve for Indesign is a bit steep. Is not as intuitive as probably some of the Mac products. But once you know your way around it you'll enjoy all its features. In terms of interactive features, I'll let more experienced users to step in . The book I published in Kindle had just the basic layout for a book with images, hyperlinks, interactive TOC, nothing fancy. There’s a Kindle Plugin for Adobe Indesign that will export your book directly to Kindle format (mobi file).  It works very well. Maybe you can give a little more information regarding the interactive features you are looking for, so some of the pros here can advise you.