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    Edge import issue to DPS


      I am importing simple fade-in animations from Adobe Edge to InDesign using the .OAM file. Animations play perfectly in desktop preview, but once on the iPad they are flashing a white screen at the beginning of the animation. I have tried various import formats and sizes but nothing seems to affect the outcome.


      Has anyone else experienced this and found a cause/solution?


      Any help is appreciated.

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          hyadav Adobe Employee

          I think you are using DPS to create the folio and placing the animation in the article.

          Check the following link and make sure that you are using the same steps as mention in the help link:


          http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishingsuite/articles/enhancing-your-dps-folios-with -edge-animations.html


          Check and make sure that you are uploading the changed article to the server before viewing it on your iPad.

          Also use the settings, AutoPlay = On and Delay = 0.125 settings. This will ensure your EDGE animations don't start until the page with the web overlay is brought onscreen by the user.



          Harshit yadav

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            BlueCStudios Level 1



            Yes, I am using DPS. The directions in the article correspond to the steps I used.


            Autoplay is on; Delay is set to 2 seconds.

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              I've been having a similar problem and am trying to find a workaround myself.  i have a layer in indesign and am attempting to put and edge animation on a seperate layer in indesign.  i get a similar issue as you:  the screen flashed to white and i lose the original indesign layer, but the edge animation plays over the white screen.  i too have autoplay on and delay set for 1 second.  i'll post back here if i figure out a solution...please do same.  i'm thinking it has something to do with my image sizes not scaling properly......

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                BlueCStudios Level 1

                Paul, I have a thread about this over on the DPS forum. You might want to chewck there; but here is what I found that worked:


                The issue was solved by doing the following:


                1) In InDesign, placing a layer of the poster file in front of the placed OAM file

                2) Overlay settings — .125sec delay, autoplay, transparent background


                Both of these steps were necessary to make this work. No more white flash.


                Let me know if you have luck with this.