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    CS5 Playback Settings grayed out and no longer can set playback on external monitor.

    techronu Level 1

      I like to view my projects while editing on an external monitor but the Playback Settings are grayed out. I've done all my prior projects with external monitor display enabled with no problems and can go back to a prior projects completed and view them using an external playback monitor.  For some reason, the Playback Settings on my latest project are grayed out and I'm not able to set Desktop Video Display During Playback.


      The last project worked on was about 3 months ago. Last week, I started working on two new projects and noticed that I wasn't able to set playback to my external monitor. All my devices are hooked up and I can review older projects on the external monitor but can't set two new projects to use display on the external monitor.  


      Anyone have any ideas?




      Problem solved. My fault.

      The Sequence Preset Settings selected must support the device the external monitor is connected to. In my case, IEEE 1394 firewire. I corrected the new project to the correct Sequence Settings and can now view playback on the external monitor.