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    Changing the CS3 AI default startup document in Mountain Lion??


      Everything you read says that to change the default AI (CS3) startup document you use this path:


      Users >  (User Name) > Library > Application Support >  Adobe > Adobe Illustrator CS3 > New Document Profiles > *.ai


      The problem is, under Mountain Lion that path doesn't exist.  When I go to my user name, there is no "Library" folder at all.  Under "Shared" there is an AI Library folder, but it has nothing of any value in it.


      My AI startup document (that I've been using for ages) is found here:


      HD > Applications > Adobe Illustrator CS3 > Plug-ins > filename.ai


      However, if I navigate there and make changes, then quit Illustrator and re-launch it, nothing happens.  I'm using the same old defaults as before.

      Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?  I know I need to upgrade to a later version of CS, but the prices have become so outrageous there's no way I can justify it as long as AI and PS are working.  You need a mortgage to buy new Adobe products these days.