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    How to uninstall the latest Flash player update

    andyG928 Level 1

      After I installed the latest Adobe Flash update, I am getting nasty messages when running flash embedded applications from Ms Office:


      "this document contains embedded content that may be harmful to your computer"


      I tried to enable All Active-X and all Macros without notification in the Office Trust settings, but it dod.t help.


      How can i uninstall the latest Flash update and revert to the previous version?



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          andyG928 Level 1

          I've fixed the issue applying the following steps:


          1. Uninstalled Flash player with the Adobe uninstall utility.

          2. Downloaded and installed the version 11.4 from the Flash archive here.


          It seems that the 11.5 works fine as well. Actually, Adobe should fix the issue asap, because it will effectively ruin hundreds of office applications using flash.


          Here is the thing. I should launch a standalone application from MS Excel. That application incorporates 30+ flash charts. To pass the Adobe warning message I need to click "Accept" 30 times which is insane. I don't see any other ways of disabling it, because even allowing all macros and active-x in the Excel trust center doesn't help.


          Anyway, this Adobe "innovation" doesn't look right at all. I do hope someone from Adobe development team will see this and address the issue. Otherwise people will have stick to old versions and never update Flash.