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    xml island in html page


      I want to use an xml island in some html pages (topics) but RH7 always deletes the "<xml src="...>" elements I inserted in file while working in TrueCode view.

      In fact, iI can write the right code in TrueCode view but RH seems to erase it when I switch to Layout View!

      Is there a way to use xml islands in topics ?


      Jean Laurier
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jean Laurier and welcome to our community

          Hmmm, seems the good ole WYSIWYG editor in 7 is still similar to its predecessors by being ever so helpful.

          You can probably overcome this by using JavaScript to perform a "write in" of your desired code. I'm guessing here that the mention of JavaScript won't frighten you nearly as much as hearing the term "XML Island" frightens me! What exactly *IS* a "XML Island" anyway? I mean, I know what XML is, but I've never really had occasion to use it. So how would this work in the context of a help file?

          Cheers... Rick
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            LOL! Is it a reality TV show? The mind boggles! Off the get my coat
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              Hello Jean -

              A little off topic but is this application for internal use only? That is, not used by the "public" - because XML islands only work in internet explorer and it must have activex enabled.

              Linux Rules
              (who would never be able to view your xml island page)
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                Is there a particular part of the HTML files where Robo 7 will not clobber the XML islands? It would help if the xml islands were not erased!

                In our case, they get erased if they are placed after the close title html tag </title>.

                xml islands are (at least) used for Microsoft Help 2 format.