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    User defined variables in TOC RH7

      I have just installed RH7 excited that I can or should be able to put User Defined Variables on TOC and Indexes. However doing this does not seem to be intuitive and there is no mention of it in the help file. The only mentions are in the new features of RH7 in the product sales literature. Can anyone give me a clue how to do it?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Malcolm and welcome to our community

          I'm sure there are maybe several ways to do it. Here is how I would.

          1. Define the variable.
          2. Edit the TOC.
          3. Where you type the verbiage of what the user sees in the TOC, below that is a field labeled "Available Variables". You click where you want the variable to be inserted (possibly before, after or in between some text) select the variable (if you have more than one) and click the Add button.
          4. Poof! Your variable is inserted.

          Cheers... Rick
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Just to add to Ricks fine advice.

            I got caught out the first time that I tried to add a variable to the TOC.

            You need to specifically select the item within the table of contents, right click on it to display the shortcut menu and then select Properties option on the menu. This displays the the 'TOC Book Properties' or 'TOC Page Properties' dialog. The Available Variable drop-down is available in this dialog.

            Hope that helps
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              zappa200 Level 1
              Works great thanks