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    Epub export question

    Jodi Cohen

      I am working in CS6 on a Mac running OS 10.8.3 creating the layout for book epub file. The  text was given to me as one word doc so the book is one continuous file. I've used style sheets throughout for all the text and chapter headings.


      The chapter headings and TOC heading (just the word Contents) style sheets both are set for them to begin on a new page in both the keep options and exporting tagging tabs.


      The first pages of the file are the cover, the title page with author info, TOC and then the chapters. None of these text boxes until the chapters start are linked. I've created TOC styles under the layout menu for exporting using the chapter headings style sheet for the info listed in the TOC.


      Everything comes out perfect when I create the epub file except the word Contents is at the bottom of the title page. Since the style sheet I created for the heading was just a duplicate of the chapter headings and they work fine, I can't figure out why the contents isn't starting on the top of the next page.


      Should I break the document apart and import the chapters into a book file or is something not selected correctly in the style sheets or epub export options tabs?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You shouldn't have to create a book file.


          In a single InDesign document, there are two primary ways to force a page break. In the EPUB Export Options, on the Advanced panel, in the Split Document menu, you can choose a single paragraph style, or you can choose Based on Paragraph Style Export Tags.


          If you open the Paragraph Style panel menu and choose Edit All Export Tags, you can see all the paragraph styles, you can tag them with HTML tags (a good idea), and you can select paragraph styles which are to create a split.


          Which of these two options did you use? If necessary, try the other method of splitting the EPUB into chapters, or breaks on a particular heading, like Contents.

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            Jodi Cohen Level 1

            I checked the file and the EPUB export options  are set to split based on the Paragraph Style Export Tags.


            The Edit all Export Tags in the Paragraph Style panel menu also show that both styles are set to split into new pages.


            I'm going to try creating a book file and splitting the file into 4 sections; one for the cover, title page, toc and keep all the chapters together as another and see if that works.

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              Jodi Cohen Level 1

              Breaking the file into chapters solved the problem. Thanks for your help.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Great. Glad that worked for you.