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    Dynamic text not displaying when publishing for flash 8

      This dynamic text works fine when the movie is published for flash 7, but when i export for the flash 8 player it seems to be invisible. Is there any obvious reason for this happenning?

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          Jon_Moyles Level 1
          Ok, thanks, looks like you've pointed me in the right direction. I havent fixed it yet though. Heres where i am at:

          eval(theTarget+".buttonPrime").tex.embedFonts = false;

          now i can see my text. of course its using a default font.

          var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
          my_fmt.font = "arial14b";

          eval(theTarget+".buttonPrime").tex.embedFonts = true;
          eval(theTarget+".buttonPrime").tex.text = "wasssup?";
          eval(theTarget+".buttonPrime").tex.setTextFormat = my_fmt;

          this isnt working. I have added a font object to the library and linked it for actionscript using the monkier "arial14b". however my text is quite invisible. i have checcked, 'export in first frame' for the font object i even tried it with this deselected. i have deselected the embed font option on the text feild itself. that doesnt work either (unless i dont try to set the text format, so long as i accept a default font, its fine).

          so err, help?


          ps further to this is have discovered more about this strange behaviour. i can set the text to a different string, provided i do not try to embed the font in any way. if i set the font to embed, i can have the text display with the correct font, until i change the text. then it dissappears. also i cannot seem to affect properties like font size by means of my TextFormat object. the textFormat object also does not seem to affect the font of the text.

          in short, when exporting for flash 8, i cannot seem to successfully embed fonts for dynamic text. the only thigs i have gotten to work are: static text (or a dynamic text feild with unchanged text) with an embedded font, or dynamic text with a default font.
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            Jon_Moyles Level 1
            i have posted a file demonstrating the problem.


            its not as clearcut as i would like but it does have most of the irrelevant stuff cut out while still demonstrating what i was trying to do and where things dont work.