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    My menu doesn't work in IE10



      my computer updated itself to IE10 and now my drop menu's don't work.


      They are using mm_menu.js

      I have googled this, and it seems there is a problem withe the mm_menu.js and IE10. Is there a new version of mm_menu.js that I can download? is there a section of code I can replace?

      I have enough to do without redoing all my menus.

      I really don't want to apply the header, use old version, fix to all pages. I have thousands of them.

      I have Fireworks CS5

      please help.

      thanks, Amelia

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          The problem seems to be occuring because IE10 is now more standards-compliant. The menu is expecting a span element to have a document reference, and is wanting to put block-level elements inside an inline element (a div within a span).


          I don't see a fix to this without a major redesign of how the menu is structured and created, so the simplest working solution is to tell the pages to work as if they were IE9, by adding the following to the head section of the HTML page:


          <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" />