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    Copy-pasting and lifting audio between projects--no playback


      Hello everyone,


      Every time I copy paste or lift audio from one project to another (i.e. copy, save project 1, close, open project 2, paste), the audio works fine for that session but ceases to play back when I reopen the project later. The audio in the project media / clip selection area will work just fine, but when I double-click on the clip I pasted in the timeline, the clip preview window shows a red field and no audio. This basically means that I'm losing all the edits I made in project 1 and having to re-insert each piece of audio into the project 2 timeline and redo my edits. What's the problem? Is there any way I can copy-paste audio from one project timeline to another?


      (Edit:) I'm using CS6.


      Thanks very much,




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