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    Property wrapText not found on coldfusion.service.MailPart

    Chris Velevitch Level 1

      I trying to use cfservices.swc to send an email using Coldfusion as a Service when I get this error:-

      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property wrapText not found on coldfusion.service.MailPart and there is no default value.

      My code is:-


      sendMail.subject = "Test Message";

      sendMail.content="test email";

      var mailPart:MailPart = new MailPart();

      mailPart.type = "image/jpeg";

      mailPart.wraptext = "72";

      var base64Encoder:Base64Encoder = new Base64Encoder();

      base64Encoder.encodeBytes(img.bitmapData.getPixels(new Rectangle(img.x,img.y,img.width,img.height)));

      mailPart.content = base64Encoder.toString();

      sendMail.mailParts = new Array();


      sendMail.wrapText = "72";


      When I inspect mailPart in the debugger, everything is ok, but when it fails, wraptext is null.


      I'm I doing this the right or is there a more successful way?