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    Cs5 problem, loading slowly and working slowly.


      I have had CS5 on this computer for the last year, it has worked fine until last week.

      I work with CS5 every day, and keep all my workings and projects on an external harddrive to keep the c drive free from crap.

      Last week for some strange reason the c drive filled up, we found that it was an adobe cache file that was taking up so much space, almost 400mb of a 600mb cdrive. I took the PC (windows 7) to a repairs shop and they cleaned out the adobe file that was on the cdrive, and I got 400gb back, but the edit problems continued.


      At the same time as this happening, audio on PP started lagging, as in would drop out when trying to play the time line, then I noticed the After effects cursor was slowin responding. I used to be able to highlight text in AF in one sweep, now I have to click, wait, sweep, wait then the red area appears.


      Today it has taken another turn and opening projects that used to take a second or two to load all the footage now takes hours. I have started using new project where I can to solve the problem but when I need to go back into an old project it is crazy !!


      Most things seem to be doing what they should, even if it is taking for ever to do it.


      Has anyone else encou ntered this problem, is it a windows problem? If I uninstall CS5 and then reinstall do you think it will sort the issue out?