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    Height of the scrollbar changes in AdvancedDataGrid

    NithinK S

      Hi Forum Members,


      I am facing one issue with the length of the scrollbar of advanced datagrid in flex. I will explain you the scenario


      - Advance datagrid has variable row heights. Each row can have different heights.

        - When the event Scroll Up is fired, I have to modify the itemrenderer's height of the advance datagrid. For this, I am looping through the FirstVisibleItem's itemrenderer, till the end.


      The problem I face here is, the moment I set the height to first visible item renderer, the advance datagrid's scrollbar height is re calculated and the length of the scrollbar changes. The scrollbar length changes mainly because, itemrenderes' height are set starting from the first Visible item.


      How can I loop through all the item rendrers of the advance datagrid ? I did not see any parameter to access the itemrenderer at Index 0. I tried reading the same, via the method indexToItemRenderer() it was returning null, when index 0 item is out of visible area.


      Any help in this area would be appreciated


      Thanks and Regards,