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    "Correct Camera Distortion" not available, why?


      During the winter I have been scanning hundreds of 35mm slides. They are now all on PSE 10 Organizer. Most of the slides were saved as JPEG's. Some of the slides were saved as PSD files and I notice I cannot do lots of edit functions unless I convert them from 16bit to 8bit. Would I be correct in surmising that to work in 16bit I would need the full Photoshop program? After converting the mode to 8bits I can accomplish most things. However - Can anyone tell me why the function "Correct Camera Distortion" is grayed out and unavailable on a Grayscale image. I find I have to change the image to RGB Color to be able to use the "Correct Camera Distortion" function. Can anyone tell me why this should be or is it just a limitation of Elements?  I am using an iMac if that makes any difference.