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    How to get a red 'NEW' asterisk in Webhelp TOC?


      (RoboHelp 10)

      Is there a way to get a red 'NEW' asterisk within the TOC images for particular topics?

      In the TOC Page Properties dialog, there is no 'Mark as new' option like with HTML Help.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Only the Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) output offers the abiity to choose specific icons to be used in the TOC.


          Well, that's mostly true. If you are creating WebHelp, there is a Skins editor that allows you to choose different icons. But it's limited to using the SAME icon for all Pages.


          You could always request it as a feature to be added in a future version. You do that by using the link below:




          Cheers... Rick

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            D.Desmet Level 1

            Thanks Rick

            Feature request done.


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              D.Desmet Level 1

              I wondered if it wasn't possible to get 'red new asterisks' by editing some code in the output files.


              First, I created the necessary images with a red asterisk.Then, I searched all files containing a reference to the TOC images. The files WHLSTT*.HTM and WHRES_XML.JS contain the names of the images.


              The WHLSTT*.HTM are used in the TOC frame to display the TOC. For each TOC entry, they contain an A HREF line that includes the image. I changed the image filename for a particular TOC entry in all the WHLSTT*.HTM files, but this had no effect in the WebHelp view. However, when WHLSTT*.HTM file is opened in a web browser, it shows the new image.


              What's missing? I don't know, but I found some other files that contain references for NEW TOC items.


              First one is the WHRES_XML.JS. It contains an ICONS section with the names of the images, but also some lines for 'new' TOC entries.



                   <book open=\"black_book_open.gif\" close=\"black_book_closed.gif\" />

                   <item  local=\"black_page.gif\" remote=\"wht_toc4.gif\" />

                   <newbook open=\"\" close=\"\" />

                   <newitem  local=\"\" remote=\"\" />



              Then there is a file WHTHOST.JS that contains a function to set icons.


              function setIcon(sType,sURL)




              else if(sType=="BookClose")


              else if(sType=="Item")


              else if(sType=="RemoteItem")


              else if(sType=="NewBookClose")


              else if(sType=="NewBookOpen")


              else if(sType=="NewItem")


              else if(sType=="NewRemoteItem")




              So, that's what I found out. I did not succeed to add new asterisks manually, but maybe someone else could give it a try?