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    Multi processing / GPU Adobe Premiere Pro not working fast


      Hi I've got a Six core CPU and i'm wonderring why when i do my render it don't use all the power I've.  The maximum is about 30% of the possibility, sometime it's higher like 80% but why it's not alway 100% because I can't use my computer during this time, so the fastest would be the best... ?


      I think it's because I've got After effect composition in my timeline but why it's slow ?


      It's the same for stabilization effect also (which seems to be mono thread).


      And I'm also vey supprised the GPU almost never help... I've got a GTX 680 and I never see the usage go above 15% ....           And you still have to do lot of render, because with many effect it's not realtime (False advertising from NVIDIA/ADOBE grrr)


      What is the problem/ solution ?