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    Download problem

    richard 199

      I'm using a Mac with OS 10.4.11 (1.83 Ghz Intel core duo) and Safari 4.1.3. I've tried many times to download Flash Player (version is the one that is specified on the Adobe website). I'm told it's downloaded successfully, and the icon appears in my applications folder, but in fact Flash Player does not work or respond or whatever. So I de-install and try again, but same result every time. Where am I going wrong?

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          After downloading the .zip file, are you extracting it and then finding the .dmg file?  You should mount the .dmg by double clicking, then you can run the installer by double clicking that link.  Once installed, you won't see an icon for Flash Player in your applications folder, instead you can verify it by going into Safari and navigating to this page:


          Flash Player Version

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            richard 199 Level 1

            Chris — Thanks for your response. First, I now appear to have 

            installed Flash Player successfully. But second, that doesn't seem to 

            be the (direct) result of your advice!

            The file I kept downloading from Adobe was already unzipped — i.e., 

            its label started '' and ended 'mac.dmg', so it was ready to 

            use; so, at each attempt to install, I double-clicked and followed 

            the easy instructions until I got the message 'installation 

            succeeded' and then clicked 'done'. I'd then re-open Safari, which 

            took a long time, suggesting something was loading — but then I'd 

            discover that Flash Player was NOT in fact available (and not in the 

            'plug-ins' list).

            Anyway, just now I thought I'd go through the whole process again, in 

            order to be able to report to you exact details of what I was doing: 

            I was wondering whether it was the very last stages, where you have 

            to make sure you quit the browser, then start it again, that were the 

            problem. As far as I'm aware, I did exactly what I've done a dozen 

            times before, but this time, when the process was complete and I 

            looked in the -plug-ins' list, there were two new entries with 

            'Flash' in their titles.  I've just tried listening to a live 

            programme on radio site and all went smoothly.  So it does look as 

            though my problem is solved.

            Thanks for your attention — perhaps you had some influence that I'm 

            not aware of!