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    How to configure a shibboleth SP(service point) on AEM 5.6



          Please help me since I am new to cq5.

          I followed this url(http://www.citytechinc.com/us/en/blog/2013/02/configuring-saml-in-aem-5-6.html)  to configure a shibbleth sp on AEM 5.6. I put my shibboleth idp post url into the authenticator handler configuration and setup a SP entity in the shibboleth idp configuration(in the replying_party.xml). I put

      "http://localhost:4502/saml_login" as my assertion service url. I added idp certification and sp key and certification too.

          I got the shibboleth login screen redirect successfully. After I input the correct username and password, the shibboleth idp sends me back to "http://localhost:4502/saml_login" with encoded saml. Then the browser stopped on "http://localhost:4502/saml_login". It seem that url is not a "assertion consumer service" point.

          I try to access "http://localhost:4502/saml_login" directly as admin user. It turned out as "404 not found"

          SO now my questions are

          First, am I correct that I can setup AEM 5.6 as a shibboleth sp? If I am right, then

          Secondly, what is the url for AssertionConsumerService point on "AEQ 56"?

          Thank you in advance and look forward to your kindly answers.