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    After Effects CS6 Text timecode/"Numbers" messes up after moving project from PC to a MAC.


      I have now searched all over for an issue to this with no luck




      When i move my AE project from my PC to a MAC with a fresh installation of AE CS6 (we use as a render computer) the time of my numbers change from being a normal 10:00 and 01:00 min countdown to weird 10:00 AM and 1 04: AM
      I thought that the numbers codec somehow refered to the computers own time so i changed the computer time on the render-mac to 24 hours time. Didnt help. I also tried moving the project on to a co-workers MAC and it worked fine there. So it must be either projet settings or mac settings on the render mac.


      I have no idea how to fix this so any help would really be appriciated


      Here are two screendumps of the difference between the AE project openend on my PC and on the MAC.