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    How can I install flash when there is no button on the web page?


      My laptop is amazingly slow, if at all responsive on the wifi. I went to a particular site and it told me I had to have adobe flashplayer installed. I went to adobe.com to download the latest version, and the button for downloading is nowhere on the page. I've run 3 separate full system av scans and boot scans with avast. I've run a a full scan with windows defender. I've come up with six files that can't be deleted via the avast system scan. I uninstalled adobe everything thinking i could re-install them. still no download button on the adobe site. still iffy connections at best. someone suggested updating the router's software. i did that, and still it persists. i've switched from firefox to IE, to chrome, removing firefox and ie with the chrome, and now back again to firefox and ie without chrome. how can I get flash player, reader and air back if there is no download button on the web page (see screen shot below)? How can I solve this issue with my laptop; it's critical to my business? any ideas?