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    Odd behavior in TOC

      Hello again,
      I've just installed RH7. In RH 6, when navigating up or down the TOC, all topics were visible. Now with RH 7, and no changes to any project settings, when you move up or down the TOC, the "focus" if you will shifts (the bar at the bottom of the TOC panel moves as well) to move to the end of a very long topic title (FAQ questions, typically). When I move to the next TOC entry, say "Install", the focus doesn't shift back; that is, I'm still looking at the right hand side of the panel (as adjusted to, for some odd reason, view the long title). In some cases I don't see the TOC entry at all. This is undesirable behavior to say the least and I'd like to "force" the RH 6 default behavior.

      If anyone understands my clunky description, I'd appreciate any incite to a solution. Right now, this is a P0/P1 and will require dropping back to RH6 for this project.

      Thanks again!